Naim UnitiServe ssd $3200

Naim SuperLine phono stage $2850

Naim Nait 5i $1100

Naim Nait XS2 $2200

Naim UnitiQute first version $1500

Naim DAC $2900

Naim HiCap non DR $1400

Naim CDX5 $2850

Naim Nait 5i 2 new in box $1400

Crimson 640 mono amps and Crimson 710 preamp, w Crimson speaker cables, interconnects, cords, etc…(package deal only, $9000)

Parasound 2100 preamp in black- slight surface scuffs $350

Parasound 275 amp in black $350

Parasound 2250 amp in black $750

Shunyata Guardian Pro power strip w cord $750

Shunyata Talos power strip w cord $2200

Rega Mira 3 in silver $650

Linn Majik LP12 w Majik power supply, Akito arm, and Adikt mm cartridge – combo price $5500

Kuzma Stabi/Stobi turntable in brass w brass record clamp $2700

Audio Research DSi200 in silver




There’s more…

Totem Forest in black $3200

Totem The Ones w matching Skylan stands $2750

Totem Hawks in mahogany $1950

Totem Arros in mahogany $1100

Totem Mites in mahogany w matching Skylan stands $750

Totem Mani-2’s in cherry w matching Skylan stands $4500

Totem Dreamcatchers in cherry w matching Skylan stands $575

Totem Sttafs in mahogany $1650

Harbeth 7’s in eucalyptus w matching Skylan stands $3200

Harbeth 3’s in rosewood w matching Skylan stands $1800

Harbeth 5’s in cherry w matching Skylan stands -note- one speaker has 1/2″ scratch on top- $4950

Quadraspire speaker stands in black ash $75

Wayne Taylor speaker stands in acrylic and chrome $75

Pure Sound P10 mm phono stage in black $750

Pure Sound mc phono stage $250

Pure Sound A30 integrated amp $1850


Hanss T-10 turntable $1400





Due to size constraints, I cannot take with me as many lines as I had hoped.  So here’s your chance to get some wonderful gear at a discounted price.  These are for local sales only.  All boxes, manuals, remotes, cables, or basically whatever came with it will come with it. If you’re in MO you’ll pay sales tax.  No him-hawing around, if you want it, buy it.  There will be no demoing of gear.  I’ll make note next to the piece if there’s a cosmetic issue.  All sales final.  So get your checkbooks ready…..

Shahinian Ob 2’s in oak with black grillcloths   $5600

Vandersteen 3A Sig in walnut with black cloth  $3200

Totem Element Earth in piano black  $6000

Totem Element Fire in piano black  $4200

Kudos Super10 in rosewood  $5500

Kudos C10 in oak  $3200

Kudos C20 in zebrawood $5500

Kudos X2 in walnut $2200

Kudos X2 in sycamore  $2200

Rega RS5 in cherry w black grills $1200

Rega RS7 in cherry w black grills $2400

Rega RS1 in cherry w black grills $550

Totem Rainmakers in mahogany $900





I’m back!

It’s been a busy summer, with lots going on.  I’m sure the same for most everyone else.   So the big news here is that St Louis Stereo is in a transitional phase and morphing into something else.  I’m moving out the gear that I want to continue with to my home in Edwardsville, IL.  There were several reasons that facilitated this move and rearrangement, namely we just couldn’t find anything in St Louis that we liked without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on.  And these days, a brick and mortar either has to be a big operation with lots going on, ie video, etc., or a very small dedicated one man shop. Or else be funded by someone with very deep pockets, like some you see sprout up, and then falter or pollute the market rather quickly.  Let’s face it, the hifi market is changing, what with Audiogon, deep discount expectations,  jet setting audiophiles who listen from one city to the next. Frankly I want no part of that.  I want to establish relationships with people who understand what we are trying to bring to the market, and go from there.  Hence the closing of the loft and the soon to be open new home shop in Edwardsville.  Procedures will still be the same, by appointment only, although this way it will be much much easier for those that want to listen in a comfortable environment to do so, and easier to get an appointment.  Many have called that day saying you’re in town and wanting to listen to such and such, and I’m in Chicago or here cutting the grass, leaving both of us frustrated.  And, I am still scouring around Edwardsville looking for a store front or room that will suit our needs.  Also since many of you come from out of town, I am right off I-55 with only one turn to make, no parking meters, no riffraff on the streets, and you can play as loud as you want.  Well, unless the system has reached its peak.

So stay tuned, I am still selling and going out for home dems and consultations….so keep the e’s and phone calls coming in…..

Recent Arrivals, and Boys and Girls, Are These Doozies…..

To start off with, something you just don’t hear everyday, a/the flagship cartridge of a company.  In this case I’m referring to one of the world’s greatest cartridges, the Dynavector XV-1t.  I’ve used the XV-1s at home for many years, way before I became a retailer again, so I know it well.  And we’ve sold quite a few so far since the shop has been opened.  Yet nothing prepared me for the music that comes from this cartridge.  Not for everyone’s wallet, at $9250, although if you want the best, here it is, in St. Louis.

Dynavector XV-1t

Dynavector XV-1t

Your new best friend?

Your new best friend?

Truth and Beauty combined...

Truth and Beauty combined…










Next up, as promised, the 100 watt heavy hitter from Line Magnetic, the LM501 Integrated.  From the get go, this looked to be every bit as wonderful as the single ended LM518.  As touched as I am by the 518 ( and you know I’m a bit touched in the head if you read these at all) , what the 518 does for single driver and efficient speakers – magic!- the 501 is apparently going to do for speakers of average to a tad stubborn efficiency. Today’s preliminaries were done with the venerable Harbeth 5, and I have to say it was working wonders with it, solving a few iffy issues with the 5’s that I thought were inherent in the speaker, nay, now I know it was just looking for the right amp.  Can’t wait to try it on a host of speakers that the other LM’s weren’t a match for.  Look out, the big boy from LM has arrived!

Sturdy she arrives…..

Sturdy she arrives…..

What lay within?

What lay within?

Marvelousness, that's what!

Marvelousness, that’s what!

The mighty 501 integrated with the all around tasty 215 CD player...

The mighty 501 integrated with the all around tasty 215 CD player…quite a combo!

And In a Bit More News…

Our DeVore Orangutan O/96’s should be here shortly…..John DeVore says they’ve been selling like hot cakes, so we’ll see soon enough…

Also due in very shortly is another goodie from Line Magnetic, the LM 501 IA 100w integrated.  Looking very forward to this one, for as good as the other two we have in are, the 211 and 518, they are just too low on power for some of your favorite speakers out there.  Using KT120’s for output tubes, 6L6’s for driver tubes, and 12AX7’s for inputs, I’m hoping for that lovely LM sound with grunt for those more difficult loads.  At $4250, if it’s as good as the other two, look out, this one will be hard to beat.  4 inputs, a pre-in for use as amp only, 4,8, 16 ohm taps, with remote, this could be, dare I say it, one of those giant killers among beefy amps.  Stay tuned….we’ll know soon enough….

And remember from last time around, Snarky C says : Salamanders are for creeks, Blue Jeans are for legs, so let’s do your gear a favor and do a little better on those racks and cables out there, shall we? Anyone who wants to audition a Quadraspire rack or Auditorium cables in home please contact me.  Just remember, in some cases, with DIY, you are sometimes Doing It TO Yourself (and not in a good way).

And She Called Down the Angels….

I saw several of you there last night for Renee Fleming’s triumphant return to the Sheldon Concert Hall, and what a glorious night it was.  She’s taken to a more relaxed performance style in her recent recitals, quipping jokes in between numbers and seeming very relaxed.  Glorious singing ensued on songs from Rachmaninoff, Dvorak, and Canteloube, the kind that gives you goose bumps – the patron on my right and I were swooning and just about spooning over some of it, we got so caught up in it.  I lost my mind for a while it was so good.  There was a bit of a quibble with her programming at the end, as she sang show tune standards – The Sound of Music, Hello Young Lovers, and A Wonderful Guy, probably for the sedated part of the audience.  Summertime, my least favorite song of any right now, was also chosen, as well as Danny Boy in lieu of St. Patrick’s Day. Still, with such a voice, even that didn’t diminish my joy of the evening.  And best of all, no talkers in the audience during the performance, at least none that I heard.  My plight in life seems to be to be near someone who pays big money to talk thru a show, such as the previous weekend at the Pat Metheny/Chris Potter show at the Pageant.  Some slag talked her way through the entire evening, even after she was reprimanded by my new best friend sitting next to us.  Why, oh why, must people do that?  All in all, a diva at the peak of her powers….and a wonderful evening….

The Sheldon stage ready for greatness to happen...

The Sheldon stage ready for greatness to happen…

Quincy Bound and Down….

Had a chance to visit with one of my favorite hifi felines in Quincy again, and she seemed to approve of her latest additions

IMG_4566 to her system,  a PH8 phono stage from Audio Research, and a jewel in her cap, the Dynavector XV-1s low output MC cartridge, which mated quite nicely with her Well Tempered Labs Amadeus turntable.

Ph8 on top of the ARC VSi60

Ph8 on top of the ARC VSi60

Shelved on a Quadraspire Q4 EVO rack, the system she has created for her kind owners, Duane and Laurie, was making wonderful music.

As I always say, pay attention to your listening panel’s reactions, they’ll tell you rather quickly if it works or not.

Thanks, Duane and Laurie, for your gracious hospitality.  Always a pleasure.

Dynavector XV-1s cartridge

Dynavector XV-1s cartridge

Line Magnetic starter….

Line Magnetic 211 integrated

Line Magnetic 211 integrated

Great build quality

Great build quality

affordable tube beauty

affordable tube beauty

Still loving the Line Magnetic 211 integrated…simple beauty is what I call it.  4 El34 output tubes and 2 12AX7 and 2 12AU7 input tubes.  Simple basic remote with volume and mute.  Very easy bias switch with meter to check the output of the power tubes.  22 watts of ultra linear power, switchable with just a toggle to triode mode of 15 watts, for extra beauty if your speaker likes it that way.  Like any amp, if it connects with a speaker it likes, look out.  For its entry price of $1650 it truly delivers.  And for those adventurous souls out there, you can begin the game of tube rolling, trying different varieties to get the flavor you’d like out of the amp.  As of late this floor model has all Tung Sols in it, $14 an input tube and $24 an output tube, so not hard on the wallet and an increase of quality on the ears.    If you yearn to venture into the area of tube gear, this integrated is a great place to start.  Will better all those Dynacos you’ve inherited or cheap Chinese copies.  Highly recommended!

There Are Two Kinds of Qute…

a delighted customer's new Naim Qute with Vandersteen VLR speakers

a delighted customer’s new Naim Qute with Vandersteen VLR speakers

One, the Naim UnitiQute, often referred to as the Qute or just the Q for Naimies, as shown here in a recently delivered bookshelf system coupled with the Vandersteen VLR  bookshelf speakers, making for a fantastic streamer based system with 30 watts of Naim power. I can’t say enough good things, as you know, about this all in one unit from Naim, and neither can this delighted customer, so don’t think I prattle on just to entertain my pooch.   The VLR’s were also quite a revelation, my first time getting to hear them.  This customer was insistent we got in a pair, and I’m glad we did.  Thanks, Mr. Charles, for your insistence….

Vandersteen VLR

Vandersteen VLR










And then there’s another kind of Qute, or cute, in this case….

she likes to talk hifi, too

she likes to talk hifi, too


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